Monday, March 17, 2014

Reading the signs

Hey. Happy Motivational Monday!

Do you know the feeling of thoughts slowly developing in your head? Like you know the answer is just in front of you, but only when you put all the peaces together, everything makes sense? I kept browsing the Pinterest page to update it enough to be able to add it on my blog, but kept seeing the same message over and over again.

And can you relate to things in life stalling a bit, like a car, struggling to start and then, suddenly, everything happens at once? A few of weeks ago I was hopelessly jobless, looking for another place with my boyfriend, struggling with some health issues, learning Danish full time and, sure enough, in a matter of a week - we found a place, I found an internship, my doctor's realized I need a (minor) operation, I found out the exact date of my final exam and the planning began.

In a month's time we'll be moved, I'll be well into my internship working full time plus going to Danish every Saturday to prepare for the exam, I'll be recovering from my operation and will hopefully have managed to arrange all the practicalities related to moving and changing of address.

On top of everything else blogging quickly became a very demanding and unfortunatelly, stressful task in my list of the day trying to prepare for the upcoming months.
And then I realized it's true. I love blogging, I truly do. It's fun, therapeutic and exciting. But I am a serious person. I go into things. I research and proof-read and it all takes time. And, truth be told, I just can't justify this time as a priority any longer for the time being. It was a luxury I enjoyed whilst looking for a job and going to school, but in the new circumstances, I should probably hit the gym, when I catch an hour here and there, not hunch over my computer or get lost into my phone screen.
I mean, I'll still blog, I can imagine. 3 months is a long time and I'll miss it too much. I am just saying, that I won't be able to invest as much of my time in it as I could before. Because everything is still so new to me, I find the routine of blogging, including promoting, scheduling etc. slightly too overwhelming sometimes.
I don't want you to feel sorry for me, or I am not complaining about the way things are. As a matter of fact I am very excited for the upcoming Spring. I am just explaining, that for the next three months I will be out there trying to life my life and I don't think I have been so good at it recently.

I am also an all-or-nothing kind of person sometimes. I want to do it all and I want to do it well, otherwise, I start trying to spare my time. Therefore, my goal is also to gain some balance - a little bit of things I enjoy, things that are good for my body and my soul and things that simply need to get done, because - well, that's life. Nobody tends to blog about running errands, dealing with paperwork, paying bills or dropping by the post office or the bank, but I have a suspicion I can't be the only one.

That being said, I want to thank everybody who subscribes, comments, follows, reads and returns. I appreciate it all and it really does make me want to keep going. I can just foresee, that fewer blog posts will come up and I'd rather explain it now, not address it months later, where people are disappointed and over it.

I will still update my Instagram, if anything, so make sure to check that out every now and again, if you're wondering, what's up.

Here's to a new chapter and I will talk to you soon! 



  1. First of all, I want to thank you so much for your supper sweet words. I'm really faltered. You are an awesome person yourself.
    I totally understand! Blogging takes a lot of time but it is a lot of fun too. I've been very busy myself. So I know what you mean. I hope you are doing well.