Monday, March 3, 2014

New Things

Hey, guys!

It seemed only fitting to follow a Wish List post up with a haul one, hence what you're reading now.

Firstly, I visited the Second Hand bazaar at the University last Saturday, which has become my favorite way to refresh my wardrobe for a fraction of the expected price.

Behold, my latest steals!
I think anytime a girl walks out from a shopping experience with 3 pairs of shoes for under a 150 dkk total, it's considered a pretty good deal. I mean - these beautiful sparkly pumps for 25 dkk? I wear it for a night out and have gotten my money's worth! Heck, I have hair bands for more than that. Similarly, I picked up these silver tip-toed black flats, which will be the easiest thing to throw on during the Spring/Summer season this year. And for 30 dkk I didn't really think twice. They're completely new, by the way. Lastly, I picked up the must-have of the year before - the platform flats. These particular ones are suede and leather, very good quality and from Bianco brand. I know my boyfriend is not the biggest fan of the style, but I feel so very Danish and integrated wearing them, not to mention comfortable and casual, I really couldn't say no to a 60 dkk pair of leather shoes.
From the same bazaar I picked up the grey tank top for 10 dkk, the white patterned T-shirt for 20 dkk and the fluffy black cardigan for 60 dkk, which I've already worn.
And last, but not least I grabbed the Vila playsuit (120 dkk), which I am excited to style both casually and for going out, for example. I also bit the bullet and decided to try the pink fluffy cardigan, because I am weirdly attracted to the potential outfit ideas, even though I have to  first mentally overcome the feeling of looking like a plucked chicken. I just figured, for 120 dkk (worn twice, the girl said) - this is probably the cheapest way to try out a trend that interests me and step out of my comfort zone a bit.
Then yesterday I was able to cross out a couple of things from my ever growing, yet extremely planned out & selective wish list. At the moment I have a very clear vision of how I want to look, what I want to wear, the makeup, skincare, haircare and clothes I want to own and use, the accessories I want to purchase and the looks I want to put together. However, there's only so much I can do at the moment due to my finances. So I have made a dauntingly long wish list, that I follow up every month, push the boundry a little and then eagerly wait for the next month to come around ;) Luckily for me, these past few months have been simply flying by, to be honest.

My biggest insecurity, and basically the only reason I use makeup to begin with, are my dark undereye circles. I am a big fan of most of the drugstore products, but as far as concealers, nothing is really up to the job as the heavy stuff. I already purchased the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and their Corrector and yesterday, happily added the concealer due to my collection. Hence, the new angled brush to set the concealer under my eyes. I have yet to try it out, but will definitely follow up!

Some of you might recognize the style of the earrings from my last post and I am very excited to wear them. Pilgrim is one of my favorite jewelry brands, because they're handmade, classy, simple, good quality and yet - affordable. These cost me 179 dkk with a discount they have going on at the moment, which is not bad at all. For years I have been going back and forth between silver and gold, but I think have decided to go all silver for a while. Gold looks the best when it's real and high quality anyway and that's really pricey, so I am not really up for starting a collection at the moment :)

As far as the Korres Peach lip butter? That was a total accident. I was in the shop, had dry lips and was too lazy to reach into my bag to find my trusty Burt's Bees tinted moisturizer, so I picked a cute little balm to try and had to literally return to the shop 30 min later to purchase it, because I loved how it felt, looked and smelled.

Here's to a great Spring! A lot of exciting things coming up this month and hopefully a lot of fun posts!

Talk to you soon and have a great week!



  1. The fluffy cardigan is just great :) And what a great price!

    1. Thanks! :) I am glad you enjoyed the post.