Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's in my makeup bag currently (75% drugstore)

Hey, guys! I am back with a beauty post after what feels like forever! I have done one of these "what's in my makeup bag" before (read the post here) and it's still one of the most popular ones I have done, so I really wanted to do an updated post, since quite a lot of the products have changed.

I have tried to organize the products after the sequence I usually use them in, so starting with the face products I have 3 foundations in my makeup bag at the moment.
The Rimmel's Wake me up in 300 Sand is way too dark for me at the moment, but when I fake tan or want to attempt to contour my face, this is nice to use on it's own or mix with the others. The consistency I lovely for a dry skin like mine and the coverage is pretty decent, the price range - affordable and the finish - glowy.
At the beginning of my internship I ran out of my usual foundation completely (which was Rimmel's Wake me up in the shade 100 Ivory) and decided, that with the moving and all, it's not the month to invest into a high end foundation - so I went with the L'Oreal True Match in Rose Ivory, because I have heard so many good things about it - for example from Lauren Curtis on Youtube. While I was impressed by the coverage, the formula seemed a bit too drying on my skin. I don't regret buying it, but I am not absolutely in love either. I also found, that it didn't wear well during the day - around late afternoon all my imperfections started to show - spots, my dark circles, my red nose... yet you could still see, I am wearing a full face of something. In my opinion, that's like the worst case scenario. I mean, if it has to wear off, it should - evenly. I am, however, also partly blaming this on my previous powder, which I'll get to, that's why I am looking forward to giving it a few more tries.
So, typically, as it always happens, when I attempt to be clever and save, but end up paying double, I went back to the store a few days later and got color matched with the Bobbi Brown foundations. The assistant who had dry skin of her own talked me out of the foundation sticks, which was what I was originally planning to get. Don't ask me why - I guess apart from their eye liners and shimmer bricks, the foundation stick is sort of a signature product of theirs in my opinion. However, trusting her judgement, I picked up the Moisture Rich Foundation in the shade Beige 3 and I am very, very pleased with this foundation. The formula is extremely moisturizing and feels lovely on the skin, however, the coverage is impressive and the finish - still very natural. Basically all you want from a foundation, if you ask me. The lack of a pump is not bothering me too much so far, but I am just letting you guys know of it anyways.

For applying my foundations I either use my fingers or the Nilens Jord Black Diamond N° 102 Foundation Brush Flat Cutwhich I love.

For concealing I use the Bobbi Brown team for my under eyes (Corrector in Light Bisque and the Creamy Concealer Kit in Sool Sand and Pale yellow), because, believe me, I am not messing around with my circles - they are b.l.u.e. I really do struggle with some under eye darkness, so this is really worth the investment for me.

On random spots I sometimes use the L'Oreal True Match Concealer in 4 Beige, which is relatively new and so far I think it's fine.
Moving onto other face products I like to use my Maybelline Dream Touch cream blush in 02, which I like to apply with my M-Cosmetics flat foundation brush and blend out with my Diamond foundation brush or my fingers. I love the coral shade the most, however, I also own a beaten up shade 05 and an even more beaten up L'Oreal powder blush in Sandalwood pink. However, lately I have been loving to finish off my cheeks with the Elf's baked blush in Peachy Cheeky as it adds not as much color as a beautiful glow and highlight using my Essence Powder blush (which I love for the softness, the size and the price). I use the 02 on top of my foundation, apply my powder and go back in with a touch of the Elf's blush.
Another new and shiny hero of my makeup bag is the newest addition - my first ever Mac product, namely the Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium. I was color matched to this back in October, but never got around to buying it as I was in need of so much else, but as I kept growing more and more frustrated with my Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in Translucent, I couldn't wait any longer. I had hit pan despite the fact that I found the finish drying, cakey and unnatural, not to mention - short lived on my skin. It just wasn't working for me anymore, although I appreciate the amazing price and what the powder does, when having a light hand. The times I have applied my MSF on top of the Bobbi Brown foundation with my Organiqs Powder brush No. 081 are by far my favorite makeup days in a long time.

I also apply a slight contour with the Rimmel Sunshimmer 3 i 1 Shimmering Bronzer in 002 Bronze Goddess with my Benecos Blush brush and blended out with the Catrice Blush brush.
Moving onto brows and partly - eyes, I variate between using the Gosh Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit followed by the Essence clear eyebrow and lash mascara and the Maybelline Sculpting Brow Mascara in Dark Brown, depending on the look I am going for. The Gosh kit definitely gives a darker, more structured look, with more control over the thickness and shape of my brows, while the Maybelline one simply sets my brows in place, making them slightly darker and thicker as they color the lighter, shorter hair.

I have also included the Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye Liner in 001 100% Black - which is my favorite liquid liner so far. It's really black, dries fast (not in the packaging, I might add) and lasts all day. A small angled shaped brush which I sometimes use for my brows and sometimes - for creating a line with my powder shadows. Last, but not least, an old favorite of mine - the 0,01% high end product from my previous post - CHANEL LE CRAYON KHÔL Intense Eye Pencil in Noir, which is soft and black as can be, perfect for both smokey eyes or defined lines.
Some more bits and finishing products - at the moment, I keep three eye shadow palettes - the Farmasi Soft Touch 4 Color Eyeshadow 04 - which has some pretty purple colors and two nice highlight shades. Next up, I love the Maybelline Big Eyes in Luminous Purple 05 which (despite the fact I dropped and shattered the lovely highlight shade) I use to create a very flirty, spring eye look - and the shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend and work with. Last, but not least - a staple in anyones collection - a basic, bronzed, neutral brown palette - in this case - Rimmel's Glam Eyes in 019 Sun Safari

I keep tweezers, of course, have included a couple of brushes, an old favorite - the Avon, Beyond Colour, Metallic Shine Eye Pencil in creamy ice, which is nice to use in the lower waterline, as a primer on my eyelids or a highlight color.

I also have recently began to use the famous Maybelline Falsies, which I enjoy so far, and a couple of lip products - one of my favorite lip balms - the Oriflame Tender Care protective balm in Blackcurrant and the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip balm in Hibiscus, when I want a slight color.

And that's pretty much it! I decided not to include the brushes I don't use every day and the lip products I am not loving at the moment, so that's why they are not here.

Let me know, what you think and speak up, if you have any comments on feedback down below, I will make sure to get back to you :)

Hope you enjoyed the post and have an amazing day!



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