Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A life update

Hey, guys!

Today I don't feel like writing about makeup, hair or clothes. Too much has happened (and is about to happen) in the past (and next) few months and I need to put this down in writing.
I moved to Denmark in 2009 to study, finished my bachelor 3,5 years later last January and despite my initial plan to move back home, by the time I reached my graduation, I had a life build up around me - a boyfriend, friends, an apartment, a student job, so I simply geared up and have been learning Danish ever since. The past year has been difficult, an investment in many ways, dealing with the sense of underachievement and impatience, however, also a lovely break, where I was able to focus on myself, my plans and goals.

In the mean time, I was looking for jobs, applying, had a couple of interviews (in Danish), a 2 month internship in Copenhagen, where I had to move to temporarily, but somehow, despite the amazing milestones, along the way I lost the trust in myself and my chances of finding a job within my field in Denmark. When you're educated in the building branch at 22 years of age with no experience and not being a Dane, the odds are sometimes against you. Had it not been for my amazing boyfriend, I would have given up a lot earlier. 

No matter what happened, I decided that Danish is a must, so I engaged in the classes with all I had. I was the annoying student, always asking questions, making notes, bringing extra homework and choosing to study instead of working out with my friends, for example. I decided to focus my attention to this one goal - going through all 5 modules and, possibly try the 6th one as well, which is essentially a must for studying in Danish at the uni.

At the moment I am less than 3 months away from finishing my Danish and I suddenly decided to take a leap of faith and really challenge myself in the hopes of getting an exciting outcome.

I called up the partner of the company I had my first (and very successful, in my opinion) job interview, offered him a 2 month unpaid employment and he ended up taking it. I start within 3 weeks and finish right at the same time I have my final Danish exam. This means, for those 8 weeks I will be working full time + going to school during the weekends to keep up and prepare for the exam.

At the same time, my boyfriend and I are moving to another apartment, we have plans and commitments towards our friends and families, I have health issues that need to be taken care of and me? - I am, well... petrified. I struggle not to feel intimidated by the language, the job I am educated and interested in, but have no experience with, the challenges, expectations (mostly my own) and, of course, the possible failure.

However, I cannot express the excitement, the energy, the anticipation and how much I am looking forward to increasing the speed of which I am doing things at. Things will get busy. I hope I'll have the time for myself, my loved ones, my goals and commitments.

If this blog will fall to the sideline for a while, well, frankly, something's got to give. I really don't feel like I'd be hurting anybody out there by not putting out posts every other day or so. I'll try to keep some sort of consistency, however, since this is something I truly enjoy doing.

Yesterday, my amazing boyfriend turned 33 years old. I cannot express how much I love him look up to him, learn from him every day and how much he charges me and pushes me forward. He's truly inspiring me to be a better person. He's extremely giving and always very selfless, so I really wanted to spoil him, which is why our friends, his family and I got together to give him the experience gift voucher for racing two different Porsches in Sweden, which has a story behind it, trust me. His face in the moment of opening the present and what I have seen and heard since makes my heart melt and I am so, so happy, that this thought will put a smile on my face for a very long time to come.
We ate at his favorite restaurant, surrounded by our friends (which he wasn't aware of prior to our arrival) and I truly had one of the best nights in a long time.
Today, we will be celebrating another birthday and take a weekend trip later on to celebrate with the family, so it's many amazing things coming up.

What I want to wrap up this with is that things will turn around. You will catch a break, even though it gets tough, discouraging or frustrating. Follow your heart, take breaks, when you need to, push harder, when you have to, make adjustments, when you need to and never, ever give up on yourself and your dreams.

I really hope for an amazing Spring to everybody I love and care about and have not felt so empowered, fired up and calm at the same time. I hope you all are doing wonderful and I will talk to you soon!



  1. Awesome post! keep doing what you are doing girl. I found it great and very courageous that you called the person with the job interview and offered him 2 months of free work. That's really cool. Also, Good luck with your work, and school.

    1. Thank you so much Nora, your comments always just make my day :) I am really struggling with this, but, man I am glad that I pushed myself! Thanks, that really means a lot ❤

  2. Great gift to your boyfriend! Wish you luck in everything :)

    1. Thank you! He was pretty excited about it :) Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it! ❤

  3. Awww seems like all things awesome are happening and that you work so hard for them.

    1. That's a very sweet and lovely comment, thank you so much :)

  4. Great post! Glad things are going so well for you :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thanks :) I feel like I am finally catching a break! Which is so welcomed ;)