Monday, February 24, 2014

MaxFactor Glossfinity polishes

Hey, guys!

Today I am doing a pretty fun post, considering I only noticed the reappearing brand when going through my (already modest) nail polish stash to organize it.

Turns out, I am not only indifferent towards collecting nail polishes, when I do - I am very loyal to what I know works. I am very laid back about my manicure. I love pampered nails, but I don't have the patience to spend tons of time painting & waiting. The more coats are necessary, the longer it takes, right?

The MaxFactor Glossfinity polishes take max 2 coats before I get the color payoff, they dry well, last long and I can always find a pretty shade to try.

I think a good way to judge a brand is by the light shades - whites, yellows and mint colors. This Snow White polish truly comes out non-transparrent white with two coats, which is great, especially for 59,29 dkk! A true drugstore steal.

For information purposes, I always use OPI's Nail Envy underneath - helps my nails grow and prevents them from splitting. I don't wear a top coat.

If you want to see the polishes on, I am more than willing to do an additional post on swatches and my manicure tips.

Until then - my genuine recommendations.

Have you tried these? What do you think? Do you have another drugstore favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you soon




  1. I have Etude House nail polishes and I like it
    I never know MaxFactor comes out with nail polishes
    however MaxFactor company already went out from Malaysia market
    thanks for your sharing
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)

    1. Ok, thanks for the tip! :) Oh, that's too bad! I love MaxFactor, actually. Sure, I would love to :)

  2. i didn't know that they have a nail color :) i should try that out ...they look awesome :)

  3. I don't blame you, it's not really the focus of the brand, I guess, but they are so good! Def recommend! Let me know, if you try :)