Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Makeup is for fun!


A quick one today. Yesterday, I was treated by two talented artists (3 and 4 years old respectively) at their salon (in a tent) – whom I’ve cut out of the picture, because I don’t know their parent’s policy for putting their kid’s up on the internet.
Their moms had just recently bought them their first personal toiletry bag with things like sunscreen, lip balm, hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste etc. for holidays, which they felt very proud of. I was invited to join in with mine, which had slightly more “necessities” in. Long story short – one thing led to another and we were covered in makeup.
I honestly had more fun with makeup I’ve ever had at it amazed me how entertained they were with a cream blusher, a lip balm, a concealer, my brushes etc. That’s what makeup is basically – it’s a face and body paint and one should never take it too seriously.
That’s what I sort of took away from it also – that there shouldn’t be any rules to makeup as long as one stays true to who they are and simply has fun with the different products available. We’re just girls – we like makeup, we like to dress up and get ready together, chat and try things out and that I shouldn’t LOVE m y makeup TOO MUCH, you know? (Oh, no, that’s my new eye pencil ruined…) Of course I care for my things, but that’s exactly, what they are – things! And those fun memories are way worth it ;) Plus, I get to buy some new makeup bits now!
Hope you’re all are having an amazing summer. Talk soon!

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