Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where have I been? + November goals

Hey, guys!
Sitting slightly hangover tired here in my boyfriend’s apartment, while he and his family are out in the summerhouse changing the fire place, because that’s where we’ll celebrate Christmas at this year, which I’m looking forward to already.

Nice to have a day off to sit down and write a post – I really, really miss it and wish I had more time and energy to get more involved in both mine and your wonderful blogs, because I love reading them and look forward to it during the week.

Since it’s been a while (what’s new?) and you guys seem to rather enjoy when I get more personal and open (thank you so, so much, by the way – you are sweet and incredibly lovely) I wanted to do a catch up post today and tell you all about what I’ve been up to!

24th of October is my name’s day, according to the Latvian calendar and it’s something we really celebrate back home, because everybody can see, when your name’s day is and it’s such a nice, fun reason to eat some chocolate and treat each other. Even though it’s not a Danish tradition and my boyfriend has never celebrated it before he started dating me, it’s something he really tries to keep in mind and luckily for me, he over-treats me, so this year, considering that I am also living in another city for the time being, he organized a weekend together, where he came on the 24th which was a Thursday and stayed until Sunday night, so we had an amazing time seeing our friends and going to Tivoli (I rode the Demon ride like… 4 times), which had the Halloween weekend and the last of the season until a brief opening in Christmas and then when the Spring comes. We also went to the wonderful museum of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – if you’re into art, especially Greek and Roman and happen to be in Copenhagen (free entrance on Sundays, by the way), I highly recommend going and seeing it. Some people where there simply sketching and drawing for their own pleasure and it’s something I’d love to do sometimes. Anyway – a wonderful, rather tiring weekend and something I really needed after the stressful weeks of moving, starting the internship, networking, looking for a job etc.

I like this guy :)

Hotel breakfast is t.h.e. best, isn't it?

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


This was his favorite sculpture, I think ;)

Monday morning started wonderfully – I landed my first (serious) job interview (agreed to meet Friday – as in – yesterday); in Danish, I must add, which is a very challenging task for me, since I’m still only learning. But then…

Due to the storm in Denmark (seriously, they registered a new record of wind speed 53,4 m/s) I got stuck at the train station 20 km away from Copenhagen and it took me more than 5 hours to get home + I had to take a cab, which is rather expensive, as you might know/imagine.

Tuesday my boss and I travelled (a total of more than 5 hours of traveling that day too) to another town in Denmark for a meeting (at this point it might be necessary to add, I get car sick… hence, why I’m so diligent at remembering how many hours I’ve spent in a car) and on my way back – I needed to pick up my bike from the station I left it at Monday morning. Unfortunately, the streets haven’t been cleaned from the storm damages yet and I ended up flying over a fallen tree in the dark. I was so, so lucky to land on my knees and hands, so I didn’t hurt my head or back and I am surprised that my computer still works, because it fell so hard and slid on the asphalt ending up so far away, that the computer bag has a hole.
Wednesday was full of meetings, more traveling and again, due to the damages and un-cleaned roads it took me more than 4 hours to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus.
Thursday I was hectically preparing for my interview and ended up being a nervous wreck and basically a pain to be around.

Friday I went to see some other companies, before my interview at 1pm, but got drenched SO BADLY from head to toe, that I had to rush back home to blow dry myself (including shoes, clothes, hair etc.), before heading back out again.
I must say, it went really, really well, though, and even though I won’t know for at least a couple of more months, I am very satisfied with it. Which is why Friday night was spent eating sushi, drinking rose (hence the headache today) and relaxing.
Sorry if this was long and boring! Here are a few random highlights of my week.

My boyfriend decided to buy me a present for my name’s day, which he didn’t have to do, but that was very sweet, because he bought me a blouse and a gorgeous blazer and said – it’s for your job interview – which I didn’t know at the time if I am even getting, so that was touching, because he’s my biggest supporter and believer. I wore it on my interview, obviously, but have been enjoying pairing it with other blouses, button up shirts and tops I have.

I’ve never been an album kind of girl – I like a handpicked selection of songs, but recently, I’ve been getting into it and Birdy’s Fire Within, especially her songs Wings, Strange Birds and Standing in the Way of the Light and Miley’s Bangerz with songs like 4x4 ft. Nelly and FU feat. French Montana have been really nice to put on due to all the traveling. A little out of my comfort zone, but I’ve been very much enjoying the change.
My sister sent me this wonderful TED link and I highly recommend you to check it out too, if you’re into wonderings about life and enjoy it being presented in a standup comedy manner. The other video below is one of my own findings and breaks down life’s lessons brilliantly and has become something I really try to keep in mind from day to day. 

Continuing with the link love, I don’t know, if I’m late to the party, but I found 30 to Mars’s new video quite interesting. 

This week has also been my mom’s birthday, which just so happens to be October 31st and she officially hates Halloween. Imagine having only monsters around and scary movies on TV on your birthday, which is why we never celebrated it in my family, but in connection to this (I promise, I’m going somewhere with it) my mom has decided to take a trip with her friends this year. I texted my boyfriend about it, bored during my lunch break, so we were texting back and forth and my spelling is… another story. Have a laugh too.
Here's an embarrasing fact - while I've been away, my boyfriend and I have developed this habit of texting each other in the mornings. It's like the good morning treat - I usually text him on my way to work or first thing, when I come in, wish him a good day and write something sweet and it's really nice, actually. Here are some of my daily selfies!
On another note, just so you don’t get the wrong impression of me being really hyper positive all the time, I have to be honest and say that I have also struggled a bit. I’m extremely broke (here’s another interesting article, it’s in Danish, but if you can read it – I would recommend you to – a great perspective on what it means to be poor nowadays, especially in a country like Denmark) and I’ve also been stressed, I haven’t exercised and I haven’t been eating my best, haven’t been sleeping my best and subsequently, haven’t been feeling or looking my best. It’s not that I’ve been in a bad mood – I’ve just been emotional – up and down more that usual. So I really want to focus on what I can to improve this and the rest – things I can’t change at the moment – I will try to come to terms with.

November’s here and I really hope you guys are all doing well and have lots of positive plans and goals for the next month and I’ll use today to write a couple of more posts so you guys can see them during the next couple of weeks and I can make sure to keep in touch and save some time – then, during the week I can focus more on your blogs and the posts you put out and check them out, comment and all that good stuff.
I just love this picture! Source

I think that about does it for now. Props for making it till the end and I will talk to you soon! As always, leave me any feedback below, I love to reply to your comments and to hear from you. Have an amazing weekend and take care :)
Renate ❤


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm completely swooning over that blouse and jacket!!!

    1. Thanks :) They're from H&M, my boyfriend said, he walked in there, saw these peaces and thought - well, that has Renate written all over it... Which I thought was sweet :)

  2. You habe such a lovely blog <3

    I was wondering if we could follow each other. It would be great, just let me know :)

    x Maria / Retro Street Station

  3. Great post! You had an eventful October! I'm sorry you fell. Hopefully you are feeling better. I hope you accomplish all your November goals :) Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, lovely :) I actually did, that's right - I didn't think about it while in it, I suppose. Yeah, I am. The knee is still blue, but it doesn't hurt as much. And I'm much more careful when biking! Thank you so much - likewise!

  4. Wicked bruise! Love your photo diary here and would like to visit that museum someday. You & your boyfriend are adorable