Monday, September 9, 2013

A week in life

Hey again! Hope you guys are doing well. I’ve been having a crazy time lately, there are too many things I need to focus on and figure out for me to spend a lot of time on girly things that I initially was planning to blog about. I’m just going with the flow and posting anyway – I enjoy it nonetheless, so here’s what I’ve been up to.

Last Friday my boyfriend and I went out for the beginning of the festival week – we had a few drinks and walked around the town to see what’s up, but all in all took it easy and went home relatively early. I relied on my thrifted leather jacket, which I’ve been wearing religiously ever since I got it, sandal heels and a black/white combo. It was the first night my heels felt really comfortable, thanks to Beauty And The Blog tip of spraying hair spray in your shoes in case of missing silicone pads – it really worked and made the shoes much more stable and easy to walk in.

Saturday we spent downtown, enjoying the live music, meeting my boyfriend’s parents for coffee and later on – sitting in the last afternoon sun with our good friends from school sharing some delightful homemade blueberry muffins. Those two are definitely good in the kitchen. Later on we stopped by our local Blockbusters and rented a few movies. Although, it’s not exactly my usual style, I really wanted to see “This is 40” (see trailer here) and did not regret it. A funny, light Saturday treat it was.

Sunday started with a movie No. 2 – The Hobbit (see trailer here) and despite the poor reviews I’ve been hearing, I quite enjoyed it. Otherwise it was a nice practical, easy, lazy day after which we treated ourselves to (according to my boyfriend) the best pizza in town and had a cheesy movie date watching Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” (see trailer here) – I liked it, but my boyfriend (and as later discovered, his friends also) found it rather boring and predictable.
Monday morning started bright and early with my 8 AM Danish class, after which I met up with a girl I used to study with, since we haven’t met in ages. After catching up on boys, future plans, our summer vacations and current happenings, I went home to start on my Danish homework in time for dinner. After that we watched the last of the rented movies - The Lincoln (see trailer here) and I really liked it. Wow, that was a lot of movies :) Same Danish class + homework arrangement Tuesday, only afterwards I went out for dinner with some of our other old classmates. You see, during our 3,5 years of studying people in my class had really bonded. We had all moved from our families, countries and friends and sometimes spent very homey holidays together – Christmas, New Years, Easter, Midsummer – if tickets were too expensive or our exams – too close by, we stayed in Denmark and spent them together. Now, half a year after graduating, we still try to keep the bond alive. Every first Tuesday of the month we meet up for dinner somewhere and whosever is able to join - comes. Loved ones are always welcomed too. We spent a lovely evening with a buffet and catching up and these dinners are something I’m looking forward to every month.
Wednesday – Danish and homework, while later my boyfriend was cooking and I was packing, because – come Thursday and I took the train to Copenhagen for the weekend!
Firstly, I participated in a seminar at the place of my future internship. I got to be at a project meeting after that and meet my boss, his boss, see my future office and the building itself, which was all very useful and exciting.
Later on I met with some of my other classmates, who have moved to Copenhagen after graduating and catch up with them, which was such a treat, because I really miss those guys, although being happy for their success and accomplishments.

The next day I went to see an apartment for me to stay at during my internship and it went very well. It’s so comforting and calming to know I have a place for that period. And later on during the night my big sister flew in to see me! I haven’t seen her in more than a year and honestly don’t think we’ve ever spent a weekend together 1 on 1.

The next few days were so much fun. The weather was amazing (luckily, since from today is typical Autumn weather) and we got to catch up, see Copenhagen, eat out and stay up late, have breakfast together and go window shopping downtown. I took the bus home last night and have been trying to get back to my routine now by sorting the pictures, packing out, doing laundry etc.

As you can see, a very filled and eventful week (in my books anyway) and from now it – it’s internship preparation mode ON!
I need to read some books and try out some of the software they use, figure out what to bring and when/how to move etc. I’m so excited and, naturally, a bit nervous, which is good.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon!



  1. Thanks for always commenting on my blog, Renate. I love seeing all your different outfit pictures and your eyebrows are beautiful! I wish mine were a little thicker like yours (:

    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot :) I LOVE your blog and I'm impressed with every post - I can simply never not say it :D Trust me, mine were horrid about 2,5 to 2 years ago. I was walking around always looking surprised :D